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I've always considered myself a doubly lucky man, because in addition to being able to develop the work of a lifetime devoted to a vocational profession, I have been privileged to count among my friends and accquaintances some of the most brilliant artists of two generations (60s to 90s) of Spain and abroad.

I can not forget my first contact in Buenos Aires in 1958 with Hector Oesterheld, Solano López, Tulio Lovato, Hugo Pratt, Arturo del Castillo, Breccia and Ernesto Garcia. Later in Italy I met Battaglia, Toppi, Eleuterio Serpieri, Milo Manara or Liberatore, and in Spain the French Bilal, Julio Rivera, Moebius or Crisse, and Americans Neal Adams, Will Eisner, Frank Thorne, Richard Corben, Boris or Howard Chatkin, and Argentinians Horacio Altuna, Gustavo Trigo, Carlos Trillo and Juan Jimenez, a list that if complete would be exhaustive.

Currently I am honored by the friendship of most members that constituted (and still survive) the "golden age" of the SELECCIONES ILUSTRADAS Agency of Barcelona, and whose vicissitudes of the profession is described in my book MEMORIAS ILUSTRADAS (Ed. Glenat, Spain). I have a family of artists, my wife ROSA LLEIDA was illustrator and cartoonist and now paints, like my children HÉCTOR and EVA.

Now and then I have lunch with the "Macabich boys" in Santa Eulalia, or the group of "painters" in Sant Cugat del Vallés, or dinner with "Carlos Gimenez's intimate friends" at a Mexican restaurant in Sants.

May it last.